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We currently run creative events all year,  in a range of art and craft subjects.   All our courses include materials, and are taught in a relaxed and informal style by creative professionals.   We run outdoor art sessions all year, weather permitting,  for all ages and abilities.  Choose from  OUTDOOR ART CLASSES (Watercolours or Drawing),  or INDOOR STUDIO  TIME  at Barnoon Workshop,


  • TELEPHONE:  Call or message  0790 0095203
  • EMAIL:  [email protected]
  • Or see our CALENDAR  page for available slots
  • IN PERSON - Barnoon Arts, Unit 6, Harbour Galleries, The Wharf, St.Ives TR26 1LF


  • Suitable for adults and accompanied children of all ages
  • Booking Required: message us to reserve your date : see above
  • Choose from WATERCOLOURS or  DRAW ST.IVES (see below)

Spend a lovely couple of hours,  on one of our fun and informal drawing and painting sessions.  These are outdoors in stunning  St.Ives.  Each session is a stand alone class, ideal for all ages and abilities - from complete  beginners and above.  We run in small groups, with plenty of individual help and advice on hand with the tutor.  

What We Provide : Drawing board, paper and drawing equiptment / use of paints/ brushes and palatte.   We can loan all  the materials you need -  but feel free to bring your own   if you prefer.  What You Need To Bring: Dress for the weather - with appropriate sun or rain protetction, as the whole session is outdoors.  In very bad weather we may have to cancel.


Tues / Thurs / Sat / 10.30 - 12.00 / £10 each / Get to see St.Ives in a different light!   Join us for a fun and informal sketching sessions outdoors, with Tutor Pete Giles.    There is help on hand with tips and techniques on capturing what you see  -  So whether you are a complete beginner to drawing - or have more experience  - these sessions are for you!  Leave with several sketches of beautiful St.Ives.  To book see top of page


MON & FRI / 10/30 - 12.30 / £15 PP / Stand alone, informal watercolour class with Zoe Eaton.  Suitable for all ages, from complete beginnners and above.  We choose a different spot at each session, withn  a short walk from the Harbour Galleries,   and make several paintings  based on the theme and techniques of the session.  To book see top of page..

  • Outdoor Art Classes
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The following classes are all held at our lovely indoor studio  space - situated at Barnoon Workshop, Clodgy View, St.Ives, TR26 1JG.   See bottom of page for directions.  Some subjects are booked for familly groups or social bubles,  choose your date and subject for a workshop for just you or your group. See Calendar 

Decorative Mosaics 1 & 2 Day Courses 25 / 27 / 28 May 2021

A wonderful opportunity to develop knowledge and techniques in this beautiful decorative art form, with professional mosaic artist Stephanie Roberts.  Stephanie is based in Wales and will be in residence for a week here at Barnoon Workshop.  Stephanie  has many years of experience making mosaics, with involvement in both national and international mosaic commissions and experience teaching classes and in community groups too.  Her work focuses on a landscape of colour, form and movement.  Details  on her website

Who is This Course for?  What will you Learn?

This 2 day course is suitable for those aged 16 and above.  Aimed at anyone who would like to develop new knowledge and skills, with space and time to get absorbed in the alluring materials of ceramic and glass!   Both complete beginners, and experienced makers and creatives are welcome.    Taught in small (socially distanced} groups, with plenty of individual help at each stage.  You will be guided through the process of creating a mosaic from scratch – including practical aspects of design, planning, handling materials, tools and best practice.  Leave with your own unique mosaic art piece, suitable for the home or garden.    

What We Provide:  All materials inc. tiles (included in price) and tools will be provided Protective goggles and aprons available.

What You need To Bring 

  • Please come with a design or reference material for your mosaic. (Please don’t hesitate to contact Stephanie with your design ideas before the course.)
  • Bring a mask and wear appropriate clothing and covered footwear.
  • Feel free to bring any objects that you might like to incorporate into your work, such as shells, found objects etc 
  • Bring drinks, snacks and a packed lunch

1 DAY COURSE: Tuesday 25 May / 10 - 5 pm/ £90 / Create a beautiful mosaic approximately covering  15 x 15cm, on either ceramic, slate or pebble of your choice.

 2 DAY COURSE: Thurs 27 & Friday 28 May 2021 / 10 - 5 pm  /  Cost £180 /  Learn about the practicle, creative language, techniques and theories of mosaic art and with more time to develop your piece.   Create a mosaic 25 x 25 cm  on a piece of wood, or Welsh slate . 

HOW TO BOOK  Contact us with details at top of page /  or : email - [email protected]  or visit her website      Or see details at top of page.

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Paint A Canvas - Seascape / Landscape

  • 2 & 1/2 hour workshop
  • Choose your date for your group or party to book /afternoons 2 pm
  • Min Price £80  / For 1 to 3 people/ plus £25 each extra person. up  to max 6 people  
  • Suitable for adults  & children of all ages  / top of page for booking details

Paint a beautiful seascape with  acrylic paints on canvas  .   Create your impression of the magnificent scenery overlooking Porthmeor Beach - capturing the fleeting light, colours and textures of the sea, sand  and sky.   We work in the studio, but and pop outside for initial sketches. photos.   so dress for the weather - or feel free to work from your own photos.  Leave the session with an acrylic painting on an A3 sized canvas.  There is help at each step of the way, with painting techniques, colour mixing and more,  with tutor Zoe Eaton..  Price includes all materials   See CALENDAR for available slots

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Paint A St.Ives Abstract

  • Choose a date for your group or party / Tue - Thurs, 2 - 4.30 pm
  • Min Price £80  /up to 3 people/ plus £25 each extra person up  to max 5 people  
  • Suitable for adults and  children of all ages - for your group or party

Take inspiration from some of the great St.Ives modernist abstract painters. including Terry Frost, Patrick Heron and Wilhemina Barnes-Graham and create your abstract.  Leave with an  acrylic painting  on an   A3  aized canvas.  The workshop is suitable for all ages and levels of ability, including complete beginners.  Start with a paper collage to design your colours, shapes and composition, then move on to acrylic paints.  There is help at each step of the way, with painting techniques, colour mixing and more,  with  artist Zoe Eaton.  Price includes all materials. See top of page for booking details.

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Shoreline Beach Crafts

  • Choose a date for your group or party / Tue - Thurs, 2 - 4.00 pm
  • Price:  £80 ( for 1 - 3 people)  then £10 each extra person
  • Suitable for Adults and children of all ages.

A  lovely way  to work with pretty beach finds such as pebbles, driftwood, crockery,  shells and sea glass.  Transform them into unique art pieces.   In the studio we have all the tools, materials  and finishings you need  for your  group  to make their choice of objects:  You can  make a beach find mosaic coaster or tile,  wall hangingskey rings, pebble art and more etc.   We provide the beach finds too, but feel free to bring along your own beach treasures to add the personal touch.   Contact us to book your slot for your group.

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  • pebble drawing

Resin Jewellery & Charms

  • Choose a date for your group or party / Tue - Thurs, 2.00 - 4.30 pm
  • Min Price  £80  (for 1 to  3 people)  £25 each extra person
  • Suitable for adults, and children aged 5 and over.

Learn all the tips and techniques you need to  cast and mix crystal resin,  to create a variety  of small items!   Get to experiement with a range of methods and moulds, and discouver what you can add  to resin such as  beads, dried flowers, wire, collage.  Feel free to bring along your own little treasures to cast.  You will have time to make  several  individual pieces, including brooches, pendants, fridge magnets,  charms or  keyrings.   Contact us to book your workshop.

  • resin bottletops
  • resin muscle

Painting the Style of Alfred Wallis

  • Choose a date for your group or party / Tue - Thurs, 2 - 4.00 pm
  • Min Price  £80  (for 1 to  3 people) then £15 each extra person
  • Suitable for adults and children 

Learn a little about the fascinating life and working methods of Alfred Wallis, and take inspiration as a basis for your own artwork.  Alfred Wallis (1855 - 1942)  was a naive artist who lived  in St.Ives, painting on found materials such as card and wood.  Take a little tour around town and walk in Alfred Wallis's footsteps taking in significant sights, make sketches or take photos.

Back at the studio we will lead you into making your own painting, drawing on the styles, themes, techniques and colours of Alfred Wallis. This workshop is suitable for all ages and abilities, and complete novices!  To Book: See top of page

Studio Watercolour Painting

  • Choose a date for your group or party / Tue - Thurs, 2 - 4.00 pm
  • £80 for up to 3 people / £15 each extra person.
  • Suitable for adults and children

Learn how to  make the most of these beautiful transparent paints with tutor Zoe Eaton.  Help at each step of the way,  this is an indoor studio workshop but depending on the weather and preferred choice of subject we may go outdoors.  Choose from still life, botannics, shells, seaweed or draw inspiration from the local landscape.   Leave with  your finished paintings on quality watercolour papers.  All materials are included. To book see top of page

  • watercolour muscle
  • watercolour seaweed
  • watercolour roofs

Natural Soap Making

  •  Choose a date for your group or party / Tue - Thurs, 2 - 4.30 pm
  • Min Price £80  (for 1 to 3 people)  £20 for each extra person to max of 6 people
  • Get in touch about booking for your social group or bubble - Choose your date

Learn how to make a vairety of lovely natural soaps, that are animal product free, and without any nasty chemicals -  using easy to obtain ingredients you can find at home.  Discover what ingredients can be used to add natural scent,  decoration and texture and beneficial skin properties.

We will be using vegetable 'melt and pour' soap base and adding a whole range of lovely extra ingredients for beneficial skin properties,  scent,  texture and  decoration  - including herbs,  and essential oils.  Experiment with different combinations and create your own recipes.  Leave with several bars of quality, handmade soaps.

To book see top of page.

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  • soap hearts
  • soap ingredients

Oil Painting Taster Session

  • Choose a date for your group or party / Tue - Thurs, 2 - 4.30 pm
  •  COST £80 for up to 3 people, £25 each extra person.
  • Suitable for adults and children aged 12 and above

Discover painting with this beautiful and versatile medium with artist Zoe Eaton. Suitable for beginners, or experienced artists who want to develop the use of oil paints.  We start with guided exercises, mark making and colour mixing to explore the basic techniques and  painting mediums,  impasto painting, brush work, and palette knife painting.  Then move onto a  Wet-on-wet, or 'alla prima' (Italian, meaning at first attempt), direct painting   on canvas.  Choose your choice of subject from: still life,  St.Ives Abstract or the local landscape/seascape.  

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